about abigail, phantom forever

time for an actual text heavy page since i can never manage to make my main one be longer than a paragraph which i use to scare away the WEAK ones

im abigail, an emo transfem who (unfortunately) isnt actually any kind of phantom. that would be kinda cool to actually BE that but unfortunately im just playing into the symbolism and branding as a kind of identity and self-expression (sorry REAL phantom fans, im just a poser)

21 years old and came out as transgender at 15 and havent amounted to much since then, the closet is a safe haven

most of my general interest(s) are in computer science to a point programmers understand lol, fuck i hate C# and CSS, electronics, mechanics, engineering, etc. which i totally wouldve gotten into out of high school but i was class of 2020 and the folks say im an encyclopedia. in my defense ever since i was out the womb ill see some shit and go "what the hell is that about" so i dont think you can blame me here

a bit dogshit with art (particularly digital, unfortunately not a mouse art god) but especially in school i did a lot of music more as in a musician, really cant compose for shit but band was definitely something that somehow kept my sanity and have some kind general proficiency in web design and like. game design if i ever felt like putting effort into things (Which I Dont)

i really admire a lot of old geocities site designs, mostly due to how the internet was really perceived then and it being a huge piece of self expression. have to say im not a fan of the internet in general becoming an enormously industrialized and hellscape filled at least 10x more fascists

also really love a lot of older 2000s stuff and mostly stuff from my own childhood--blues clues is still based, american tale probably made me a furry on top of being raised on a sega genesis and dreamcast
i never particularly had the kind of wealth nor interest to get into the current console(s) of the day, so id really contribute that to most of my favorite games in general being pretty smack dab in a windows 9x up to the mid 2000s. truth be told i dont think ive ever spent $60 on a game AT ONCE, i think ive probably spent hundreds in TF2 because i am ungodly impulsive and thats an achievement i hope to uphold

most of what i play on steam nowadays is TF2, youre always welcome to join or invite me to CASUAL, HOLY SHIT COMP TF2 PLAYERS PLEASE STOP ADDING ME CHALLENGE matches
however if you offer half-life deathmatch (or any besides QDM) your ass is on

by the way sign my guestbook, it makes you cool and sexy just like me

and heres your lightning round of info about me if youve managed to read this far

favorite games:
terraria, sonic adventure 2, legacy of kain: soul reaver love the whole LOK series but soul reaver by far is the most polished somehow lol, diablo, sonic the hedgehog 2, tyrian, grand theft auto III, quake, half-life, unreal tournament, deus ex, team fortress 2, DUSK, HROT, i think these are what the kids call "boomer shooters" nowadays? you people make me feel old as shit

favorite music:
my chemical romance is my whole damn brand this should be obvious, funeral for a friend, against me!, korn, mindless self indulgence, alexisonfire, the used, etc. ill acknowledge these days because brand but in middle and high school i was into like pink floyd, alan parson's project, goblin, electric light orchestra, porter robinson, lagwagon, utah phillips, childish gambino, tally hall, lemon demon,

i.e. literally nothing id consider Shit Music. ill still probably listen to anything except REALLY awful white people music

favorite movies:
you know, im not really a big movie motherfucker (unlike my man NATHAN)
the crow, i like(d) the original fist of the north star ova from 1986, the warriors, i used to watch the deadly spawn a lot dont ask, for some reason i have a random interest in extremely fucking long mafia movies (e.g. godfather, scarface, the irishman, etc.) and also a lot of 70s movies in general which that i can at least explain mostly since im not a fan of the insane pacing and the disney industrial complex of the current film industry, el camino was nice as well but that also kinda ties into shows i guess

favorite shows:
mst3k, space ghost: coast to coast, lexx, breaking bad/better call saul, is avgn even technically a show at least up until what apparently james considers season 7, currently disappointed how screenwave media basically went machinima on his ass and the writing's really suffered as a result, and invincible is the most recent thing ive watched and thought it was based as hell so

favorite things:
cerulyn, food, kisses, webcore Is Apparently A Term and i dig it, my HP t5720 thin client pc expanded with an SB live, ive had it in storage for the past couple months but i love that thing, weed, electronics in a general scope, using she/her pronouns because im already emo. that should be enough material for you to work off of you seethe cope dilate fuckin idiots, and my infinite enslaught of your mom jokes and repeating anything you say containing the letter 3 but saying "squee"

thats about it, if you have any other questions or Inquiries you should probably contact me directly

and if you havent already you better fucking sign my guestbook or i will cast unspeakable horrors upon you

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