uhf an about ,

my girlfriend is my life

god remember when pages used to be so goddamn text heavy
i mean admittedly i. kinda dont bc i was born in 2001 so i was RIGHT on the edge of geocities' big peak but regardless

aghh hewwo im abigail, i guess im a funny little lady on the internet? im all sorts of labels from transgender to furry to gaymer to Fat Fuckin Whore

im 19 now, im your big furry mama and ive been Sort Of Openly Trans since i was about 15 (and ive. tried making an effort coming out over the years but man i so just dont wanna die fdlghjfdgkljfdgd)

in general broad terms i seem to really like super technical things e.g. computer science to a point, electronics, mechanics, engineering, etc. pretty much when i was at a very young age and personally thats probably because i like to have things be very clear and not ambiguous,, so wowie

i do really enjoy a lot of Artistic Things to an extent too but that seems to extend to again more technical aspects ranging from music to web design (hehe) and like. game design if i ever felt like putting effort into things Which I Dont

i really admire a lot of old geocities site designs, and i think thats mostly due to how the internet was really perceived then and also people not being so fucking picky about shit, honestly no joke i took a web design class in my senior year in high school for shits and giggles and that racist conservative fuck of a teacher hated that i constantly made sites look like this. It Is Technically An Art And I Like It So Fuck You Lisa!!!
lisa was the name of a teacher i had in my senior year of high school when i literally stopped caring and took a Web Design Course despite already knowing plenty of HTML and CSS off the top of my head. she was an old right wing fuck and it still boggles my mind she had a job then acting like that so publicly lol

anyways i also really love a lot of older 2000s stuff and mostly stuff from my own childhood--blues clues is STILL fuckin dope, american tale probably made me a furry on top of being raised on a sega genesis and a dreamcast, a lot of super old pc games that i cant even remember who the hell originally published them i just remember that my dad pirated like 3000 games off gamehouse when i was like three and that was the only good thing he did towards me but

i dont really play a whole lot of steam nowadays but like. if you wanna add me for some hldm?? im super rusty so you can totally destroy my ass but i honestly enjoy some deathmatch so ; w ;

also please sign my guestbook? it's the only thing surviving from my original site

also FUCK i forgot to mention other stuff i really like a lot and its an ABOUT PAGE FUCK!!!!!

favorite games:
terraria, sonic adventure 2, half-life, deus ex, minecraft, starbound, legacy of kain: soul reaver, diablo, sonic the hedgehog 2, tyrian, earthbound, team fortress 2 and a bunch others i cant think of ahhhhhh

favorite music:
pink floyd, alan parson's project, goblin, electric light orchestra, porter robinson, against me!, my chemical romance, korn, mindless self indulgence, utah phillips, childish gambino, lemon demon,

if it wasnt obvious theres literally nothing id consider Shit Music. i listen to anything except the REALLY awful white people music

favorite movies:
oh god oh fuck uhhh
i really like the original fist of the north star ova from 1986, the warriors, i used to watch the deadly spawn a lot, im not a super huge Movie Junkie so i cant really say i have many. favorites on hand that i think about or watch a lot unlike my dad this man watched event horizon in 1997 and there is at least thousands of dollars of merchandise and props from that film in his bedroom. does that scare you? imagine living with it for 18 years

favorite shows:
uhh idk like. mst3k is one of my favorites, space ghost: coast to coast is good, i like lexx but havent seen it in years, and like. breaking bad? kinda straight shit i guess idk sorry

favorite things:
my girlfriend mia, foode, kisses, bein cuddly (when i wanna at least sometimes im gwumpy >:c), webcore Is Apparently A Term and i dig it, electronics in a general scope, also using she/her pronouns even though im very much Not Passing At All Because When I Came Out As Trans At 15 I Knew To Play It Safe I Couldn't Start HRT Until I Graduated High School but for some reason if you call me abigail and use she/her pronouns my heart still just,, flutters. its so incredible honestly idk what it is it just makes me so happy, you know how gender euphoria can be

anyways thats it i guess
you could always check out some of the shit i made in high school or just found on the internet, there are some neat things on this new fangled world wide web

or not. not like i can grab you from the computer screen and make you check it


no actually i cant lol

thatd be cool if i could though

if i could id make you sign my guestbook

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