should be self explanatory, i basically use the same username across everything unless its something STUPIDLY old

Twitter: @grimnephelim

Bluesky: grimnephelim

Tumblr: grimnephelim

Twitch: GrimNephelim

(i never stream lmfao)

Discord: grimnephelim

Guilded: GrimNephelim

Steam: GrimNephelim

YouTube: GrimNephelim

VidLii: GrimNephelim

(only used for uploading a stupid amv and i never want to go through vidlii's 9 hour processing queue ever again)

Furaffinity: GrimNephelim

(mostly just there for posterity, ill favorite any commissions or gifts i get)

Discord Server: Something Horrible

Guilded Server: Something Horrible Mk. II

(mk. i was my old discord server. i got a lot of mk. ii's in my life)

also generally if you want like, any other accounts id probably suggest just hitting me up on discord or guilded and asking for it because i might have it

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