should be self explanatory, i basically use the same username across everything unless its something STUPIDLY old

Twitter: @grimnephelim

Twitch: GrimNephelim

(i never stream lmfao)

Discord: GrimNephelim#1999

(i RARELY check this now so if you want an asap answer pick smth else)

Guilded: GrimNephelim

Steam: GrimNephelim

YouTube: GrimNephelim

VidLii: GrimNephelim

(only used for uploading a stupid amv and i never want to go through vidlii's 9 hour processing queue ever again)

Furaffinity: GrimNephelim

(mostly just there for posterity, ill favorite any commissions or gifts i get)

Guilded Server: Something Horrible Mk. II

(mk. i was my old discord server. i got a lot of mk. ii's in my life)

also generally if you want like, any other accounts id probably suggest just hitting me up on guilded and asking for it because i might have it

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