you know when you find random shit on the internet. thats all this really is

Website Stuff

W3 Schools

i dont know if i need to explain W3 so much bc its very well known but
basic educational source for website development, if im editing my neocities chances are im opening another tab to a W3 page because i forgot the exact formatting for some stupid CSS bullshit

HTML Codes

this is another really big HTML resource ive used a few times but its basically an enormous coding table for HTML elements


genius resource, love this
gifcities is's search engine for gifs they have archived, typically they have direct links back to the pages theyre sourced to

Cameron's World

camerons world is basically gifcities minus the search bar and its condensed into something so fucked up only me or a dude from 1997 could conceive. good shit


no idea who the hells site this is but i found it through chel
emmas site has just enormous tables for old geocities page backgrounds


another site i have NO fucking idea where it comes from
surprisingly i found this in high school during class at one point and the whole thing just intrigued me that i wrote down the URL just to remember it. think of it like emma's background site but more mysterious

Windows 9x Stuff

if you dont need any of these things 1. im not surprised but 2. why the hell not. thats a sorry excuse to not be using windows 98SE

Native USB Disk Driver For Windows 98SE

genuine life saver drivers for 98SE, ive used these for years since im gonna use the convenience of it rather than tape or optical media
if youre smart enough id probably suggest plopping this thing into the 98SE installer directory and creating an image of that since using that as a booter kinda saves you a step. ive done that for the past couple years
this is off of vogons where i originally got it and vogons is a fucking great windows 9x resource which leads me into


big DOS/windows 9x forumn and its still extremely active. theres some crazy motherfuckers on here that know some weird ass dos and windows 9x quirks

WinRAR 3.93

to my knowledge winrar 3.93 is the last version that supported 9x natively (mostly 98se really) and i dont really ever feel like tracking down stupidly old versions of winzip. winrar was the cooler/funnier archive software anyways


winworld is an online depository of a SHITTON of different software for operating systems mostly before kinda 2000-ish
somehow they have CP/M and OS/2 software hosted on here who the fuck even uses those


i think anyone who tries to still run shit on 9x knows kinda what this is but
KernelEx is some dark sorcery that enables a lot of windows installers to not think youre trying to run and install software on a windows 9x OS so it wont immediately boot you out of stuff. really useful, still have no idea how it works

My Abandonware

just like winworld, except this time pretty much just for old games
i only really cared for the large windows and DOS repositories on here but im pretty sure theres other stuff hosted because most tech giants couldnt give a shit about suing a dude over the hit 1997 classic Lego Racers

Game Patches

so these are pretty much almost exclusively for old windows 9x games; thats the shit i was born on and i live and breathe them. so Oops

also i know this sections super small but i had it on my original site so its here For Posterity


the first 98se machine i built (P3 500, ATI RAGE 128 FURY, 512 MB PC100 RAM) couldnt fucking handle the original GLQuake executable and i have no idea why. it would most of the textures black but for whatever reason fitzquake worked completely fine and as intended so it has its usefulness

Half-Life WON

installer for the last half-life WON (i.e. retail disc release) version, mostly just needed for mod compatibility shit. i think you could also probably run the xash3d source port on 9x if you Really needed to play Crack-Life that bad

Other Sites

this where the good shit is


the chel corner. this is where chels go


the eve corner. eve lives here and also i dont think shes updated her site in a long time



Spooky Stalks

this is a site for some like. haunted corn field in milwaukee
i dont think the layouts been updated since 2004 and personally i think it should stay that way

Wide-band WebSDR

toys for abigails only
online short-wave radio receiver based in the netherlands. love this thing and it saves me money for buying a bunch of stupid ham radio shit

Math Cats

fuck math
this site is some lady's little basic math and science website with cats that hasnt been updated in i think over a decade

The Flying Penguin

i found this at one point searching for some like. quake screensaver lol
this guys whole site has a bunch of shit for quake/quake2 and a LOT of voodoo hardware stuff
i think the last time this site got updated though was around 2013 ish but again like most of the other sites here thats probably for the best they keep their designs intact

My Own Shit Games From Junior Year

oh this is where things get bad
these were all projects i did in my junior year in high school for ap computer science
these were all done in greenfoot (admittedly i think its an okay IDE for beginners but youre stuck with their shitty ass tools) and somehow i was one of the few kids that put this much effort into projects

Space Shooter

if these links ever go down and you REALLY care to get these just like. hmu on discord and i can send them personally to you
my first semester project had the task of "make a horizontal space shooter" and ended up with a 25/20 on this though because i put wayy too much effort into it
also the .jar i personally have issues just Opening for whatever reason so i DO have a wrapped executable in here but because i was always too lazy to give it a digital signature your computer is going to think its a virus trust me


the greenfoot IDE constricts you to these shitty little hard grid playfields but at one point i realized that could kinda work for getting a pseudo-text based look out of it
for my second semester final the task was to either program something completely new for it or work on a previous project, originally was gonna try a raycaster but thankfully i was smart enough to realize that was the worst fucking IDE to ever try getting that to work and complete in a matter of weeks
therefore i remembered i had this random project experiment from months before and just added to it to put something together
i eventually turned this in to my teacher on a 3 1/2" floppy and he loved it

my greenfoot projects are kinda old as fuck and also dogshit since i was given like two to three weeks tops for projects so
im pretty aware they had problems even then but i typically didnt give a shit mostly bc i knew of what kind of scope i was developing for. 16/17 year old me knew what was up

thats it. after this theres no more internet for you

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