hyuuu linkies

just some random stuff i personally like and you might find useful idk? you might like them. or not. im not forcing you to

Website Stuff

W3 Schools

i dont know if i need to explain W3 so much bc its very well known uhhh
W3 is a really nice resource for any kind of html and css web design crap if you need to either look it up again (like i usually do oops) or just learn it--w3 is really nice in both fronts

HTML Codes

this is another really big html resource ive used a few times but its basically an enormous coding table for stuff lol
i find it easier if i know exactly what im looking for in some tag e.g. i forgot how to format background images for the 3000th time, ill typically look on here real quick so lol


alright now we gettin into the good shit
gifcities is just an enormous search engine on the internet archive that brings up geocities gifs
its a pretty quick way if you want like, themed gifs for things and admittedly ive used it a lot before so lol
gifcities also allows you to see snapshots of the original geocities sites these gifs came from too and thats always fun

Cameron's World

camerons world is also a really good geocities gif site and its also kinda insane lol
a lot of the gifs on here link to their original geocities pages like gifcities does so


admittedly i dont know who the hells site this is but i found it through my girlfriend so lol
emmas site has just enormous tables for old geocities page backgrounds, and ive already used a few from there on here (namely the space backgrounds,, i love space backgrounds)


ill be real and i have NO idea who and what this site's actually about
truth be told i found it one time in class and i was kinda intrigued because i cant tell if this is a single person that ones this account and theyve SERIOUSLY been using it since like 2002 or theres been multiple people in it and some people added stuff to it in 2002 and later in 2006 and like. 2014 even
if you scrounge around though it DOES have really decent early web assets you can use that ive. never really seen anywhere else so

Windows 9x Stuff

if you dont need any of these things 1. im not surprised but 2. why the hell not. windows 98se is a fuckin dope ass operating system try it sometime

Native USB Disk Driver For Windows 98SE

i use this personally already bc 98se doesnt really like flash drives? so this driver is pretty handy
admittedly if youre like me and dont actually own any kind of internal optical or floppy drive nowadays its easiest to put this executable within an installer for windows 98se because then its Just Right There lol
also im not hosting this off my own dropbox anymore mostly bc a. im lazy and dropbox sucks to open on windows 98 and b. this is off of vogons where i originally got it and vogons is a fucking great windows 9x resource which leads me into


like i just said vogons is a big dos/windows 9x forumn and its still really damn active as of 2019 so its. honestly a really nice resource if youre having weird trouble on windows like i usually do every second of my life

WinRAR 3.93

this file may go fuckin wacky with its link bc i cant find a place that has this besides myself that isnt like. sketchy looking but
to my knowledge winrar 3.93 is the last version that supported 9x natively (mostly 98se really) so this is super useful for transferring shit given how common .rar, .7z, and .zip files are so


im just gonna say up front that winworld is the fucking bomb i swear to god
winworld is an online depository of a SHITTON of different software for operating systems mostly before like. 2000
hell its got software for cp/m and os/2 on here thats how insane it gets
but especially for old ass software where its both a chore to find a physical copy of it and then praying it still will read, winworld is way easier for a lot of those installers i swear to god


like tunnelers, i have no fucking idea how the hell this thing works
kernelex is this really strange program that manages to mask over some basic registry values (i think?) in your operating system to make installers think its another operating system
this is kinda useful for windows 98se stuff especially if youre installing something and the installer HATES that its windows 98se and not xp, but using kernelex you can get a lot of stuff to actually install just bc it thinks its youre running a more modern os
it doesnt completely fix everything though, and sometimes if the installer needs a thing that actually comes in a modern version of windows then youre kinda fucked, sorry

My Abandonware

just like winworld, except this time pretty much just for old games
my abandonware has a lot of old dos games on here and its. great bc it saves me the insanity of trying to find a physical copy just to play things

Game Patches

so these are pretty much almost exclusively for old windows 9x games; thats the shit i was born on and i live and breathe them. so Oops

also i know this sections super small but i had it on my original site so its here For Posterity


this isnt even any kind of patch anything but it counts to how i used it
when i built my first windows 98se machine, for some ungodly reason my graphics card just fucking hated the original glquake executable and would make every texture extremely dark for whatever reason
but thankfully because quake was acutally popular back then for whatever reason fitzquake worked just fine on that card (which was an ati rage 128 fury. idk why that was such a weird issue)

Half-Life WON

okay so the original cd release of half-life (typically called WON) had a fuckton of updates in the few years before it got permanently killed by valve forcing everyone into the steam release of it
thankfully a lot of people held on to these updates over the years and is one of the last (if not THE last update WON ever got) that's also needed if you ever wanna try using the source port xash3d which is also pretty dope

Other Sites

this where the good shit is


my friend lives here,, please check her out
also her button on my main page also goes to her site so use that too


my other friend lenore lives here,,,,, she is baby



Spooky Stalks

this is a site for some like. haunted corn field in milwaukee?? thing is is i dont think this website's layout has been updated since 2004 so i LOVE it a lot

Wide-band WebSDR

okay so this is like, an online short-wave receiver based in the netherlands and this thing is fuckin DOPE especially if you dont have any shortwave radio equipment like me but you still find that stuff interesting and fun

Math Cats

aw man math? fuck math
this site is some lady's little basic math and science website with cats that hasnt had a design change in like 20 years and i love it. if you want me to like math design your website like this


okay so this ones actually. really important id say for so many reasonsthis is a VERY old side about transgender stuff and its a great resource for documentation then and even though it hasnt been updated in over a decade its still got pretty relevant information??
i remember finding this site a year or two ago because the owner (jennifer diane reitz) was also the co-owner of this other similar site called otakuworld and it was so kinda heartwarming and nice to see that there existed and still hosted a really huge trans resource site
i totally recommend reading her story because its an ENORMOUS 25,000+ word page on her experiences of her gender dysphoria, her outlook on that with her childhood and teenage years, and her transitioning story (which holy shit, she started IN THE REAGAN ERA and used to live literally right in the middle of the castro and van ness. im so stunned shes still alive to this day)
she also has a ton of other different lgbt topics in general and i just love this site is still hosted; i know jennifer isnt quite so much the Most Perfect Person nowadays but i honestly give her a lot of respect especially for keeping this site up

The Flying Penguin

okay this site is pretty cool i gotta say
i found this at one point searching for some like. quake screensaver and this guys whole website (especially on the gaming side) actually has really good resources for the quake games and a LOT of voodoo hardware stuff
regardless i think the last time this site got updated though was around 2013 ish but again like 99% of the sites in here the design has NEVER changed and i love it hehehehe

My Own Games

oh this is where things get bad uhhh
these were all projects i did in my junior year in high school for ap computer science
these were all done in greenfoot (which. admittedly i think is nice for beginners but god damn if you try to use your own libraries good luck) and there were A Few Times where i spent way more effort into certain projects but mostly my semester finals so lol

Space Shooter

okay if these links ever go down somehow please contact me on discord n tell me if you REALLY want these but regardless
my first semester project had the task of "make a horizontal space shooter" and i was like shit okay but halfway through my teacher wanted me to use specific assets so i. did instead of how everything else was mostly random stuff i grabbed khfghfdjkgdf
i got like 25/20 on this though because i put wayy too much effort into it
also the .jar i personally have issues just Opening for whatever reason so i DO have a wrapped executable in here but because i was always too lazy to give it a digital signature your computer is going to think its a virus trust me


the way greenfoot creates playfields i realized is actually REALLY FUCKING GOOD if you want to make a roguelike?? so in like march or so of that year i quickly kinda made up this little project personally about it and i just called it RogueEngine at the time because why not
but then for my second semester final the task was to either program something completely new for it or work on a previous project and i. originally was gonna try a raycasting engine and just make my own little dinky wolf3d but. i quickly figured out because i hate math that that was gonna be way fuckin hard but then i remembered i had this project laying around and i was like "fuck it man lemme give it some content lol"
i eventually turned this in to my teacher on a 3 1/2" floppy disk and he loved it so hehehe

i will say ahead of time that these werent. super supposed to be good?? i kinda crammed both of these in the span of like a week or two so theyre not Perfect but hey they totally worked for school projects so lol
if i went back to these undoubtedly thered be a lot of stuff id want to fix (esp in space shooter, i wasted so much time trying to get a .mod player library working for a sound engine and i NEVER got it to compile right so i had to desperately compress all that plok music hjfgdgkfd) but at the same time i made those when i was like. 16 and 17. i shouldnt touch what the cool kids call


anyways thats it thank u!!!
<3 <3 <3

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