alright lets bring back them mf buttons babey!!!

oh god its 2020 i have to update my site

behold. i am abigail. creator of abbycore and fitter of the transgender programmer stereotype

you might know me from some of the crap i put out on youtube over the years or when i rushed out some garbage half-life mod, i think if youre here from either of those i would like to formally apologize for making garbage

unless you like garbage.

which in that case like. hit me up or something

id probably put more on my main page but thatd just kill the reason for my about page (which is kinda more About Me) or my cool goodies page which has a bunch of things ive seen OR even made. then again i think if my own rambling blurbs were interesting enough, youd probably click there by now?

... or now?

... or now?

also if i sound familiar like i was on a different site, thats because i was! my older domain i ended up removing due to (Diplomatically Speaking) personal safety. i think if youve experienced getting outed you can imagine how that was

regardless, that first site was bitchin but now this ones super bitchin

anyways thats it for a 2020 update bye lol, acab blm stan laura jane grace

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