alright lets bring back them mf buttons babey!!!

oh god its 2020 i have to update my site

behold. i am abigail. creator of abbycore

fr though im just me and i do funny things
mostly into technology in general. i kinda know a thing or two and plus i unfortunately fit the transgender programmer stereotype

ive probably been On The Net since the late 2000s when i could like. consciously figure out what i was doing so theres definitely a lot of crap i have all over the place
you might know me from some of the crap i put out on youtube over the years or when i rushed out some garbage half-life mod, i think if youre here from either of those i would like to formally apologize for making garbage
unless you like garbage
in that case like. hit me up or something

in general ive just liked making things and more unfortunate is i wasnt ever good at doing art so then all this crap happened
i think the most commendable things ive probably done tend to be weird crap ive done with computers both software And Not
so please ask me about my computers please im begging you

also if my name or look sounds familiar with another site thats because i originally had a different neocities but i was like. outed just about then and since that page was a lot easier to index i almost got fucked over so. im a little more cautious Now to a degree (even though this isnt a super big step up but who cares lol)

anyways thats it for a 2020 update bye
also my about page i havent updated in a long time and it shows, i have what hank hill calls A Medical Disorder so its really weird for me trying to be emotionally consistent but it gives me POWER

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