alright lets bring back them mf buttons babey!!!

alright bitches im back because im way too impatient to wait until i graduate
im abigail, im trans, im 18 and if my mom sees this site too then leave me alone smh!!

i used to be a good girl but im RUDE now because i got outed by mail so that was fun to experience but sadly my old site had to go in the process because the keywords showed up on google

most of the shit i said there though is still relevant--i love my babes and i love a lot of electronic and mechanical work (even though im REAL bad at the latter lol)

(also yes the little blabbo right there is me everyone including your mom loves this persona. shes good)

anyways i also kinda spent the effort to actually look into the wacky shit that is CSS and now i use notepad like an og bitch instead of neocities' online html editor and also FRAMES WOWIE!!!!! anyways thats all i guess lol


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